What it takes to be a Member:


General meetings are held the Third Wednesday of the month at the Veteran's Memorial Hall, 5945 Horseshoe Bar Rd. Loomis, CA, 95650 at 7:00 PM Click here for directions.

Board Meetings are held monthly on the Tuesday following the general meeting.


Guests are welcome at all general meetings. Guests will be charged a standard fee of $3.00 at each general meeting.


Active membership in this Guild is limited to 175 members. People interested in becoming members of the Guild must contact the Membership Chairperson. If there are currently 175 active members the Membership chairperson will provide the interested person with a membership application. If there are currently 175 active members, the Membership Chairperson will maintain a waiting list of interested persons, including their names, addresses, phone numbers and the date their names were first added to the list. Those on the waiting list must contact the Membership Chairperson or attend a meeting at least every four months in order to stay on the list. The waiting list will be available for review at the general meetings. Once all active members who have renewed membership within the renewal period have been counted, those on the waiting list will be offered membership until the ceiling of 175 members is reached.